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Friday, December 01, 2006

First off we apologize for leaving out Monster Copper (MNS) from our last post. We meant to include it in with Santoy and Silver Spruce as they are also in the Central Mineral Belt located in Labrador. The best thing about this company is that they are not spending money to explore their land, Santoy is footing the bill. This gives them excellent returns on their investment if something should be found on their lands, and keep in mind they have some very promising lands located in very close proximity to Aurora's Michelin Deposit and other nearby deposits/discoveries.

This is one reason why we do not mind Santoy's high number of shares outstanding, because they are reinvesting that money in highly prospective lands...remember if you are not the early bird, you must pay up for the worm. In Santoy's case they were not early, but not late, thus they have 100% owned properties that are quiet promising, as well as 50% JV properties that appear to be just as, if not more, promising. Keep in mind also that Santoy has other properties around Canada they are exploring at the same time. View Santoy as you would a hand in poker or black-jack, the more outs you have the more you are willing to bet the hand. Santoy has many outs in its uranium exploration properties (it could find something on anyone of them, or even JV some of its 100% owned properties out), so I am willing to allow the large number of shares outstanding to fund this company until a later date.

Africa scares many people because of AIDS, tribal warfare, and corrupt governments. However, sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough down there (literally and metaphorically!) which is what we believe is the case with FSY. They will need money to develop the prospect (they know its there, but still must dig the pit and build the mill) but they are one of the safest bets considering that they have already taken care of their toughest tasks (securing water and power for their project). Also remember that Paladin thought they would be paying 10% for taxes and royalties, but instead the Namibian government gave them a 5% fee. I believe that this speaks volumes for the Namibian government's pro-mining/uranium stance because they are backing up their words with actions. Watch for FSY in the future, and keep in mind that investing is all about finding stocks/companies that have been overlooked, are under appreciated, or just flat out undervalued and getting in them before the rest of Main Street flocks in., LLC - read disclaimer