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Canalaska Trading Halt
Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Canalaska shares have been halted today at the request of the company. This halt is in place pending news from the company itself and was in fact asked for by the company. At this time we speculate that the company will announce either a merger which results in either all or part of the company being purchased, or less likely the company announcing a JV. Even less likely, but also a possibility, is that the company may announce a major find...but as we said before we think that it is for all or part of the company as the bid/ask on its American shares have both ballooned upwards. This could be the end of consolidation in Canalaska and the news we had been patiently waiting for. If it is news to the positive watch stocks similar to CVVLF (CVV.V) take off too, such as Strathmore and Bayswater., LLC - read disclaimer