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Fair Warning to All
Friday, April 14, 2006

With my various memberships at websites related to uranium and precious metals as well as other resources, I get tons of mail in my inbox to sift through. As with all investing material I sift through it to find the hidden gems, as I am sure most investors do. However as more and more people get wind of “The Uranium Movement” I have noticed that more and more of the information that they provide is not true. The other day I was following through with some Due Diligence and realized that what this newsletter was saying about this company was one sided. They stated all of the best case scenarios, yet failed to mention the repercussions if the company should for some reason fail to succeed. And I must point out that on any of the projects, should they not follow through with what they planed they risked filing for Bankruptcy. Well I went and checked out the large shareholders in this company and the investment company this letter came from was actually listed as holding a fairly large stake. Now it is not my knowledge as to what they did with that stake, as I decided at that time not to follow through with that research anymore, but it brought up what I thought was something quite important to speak to you all about.

I think that now it is more important than ever to watch the pump and dump specialists, and perform even more due diligence. These guys remind me almost of the worst lawyers, you know personal injury lawyers, divorce attorneys, mesothelioma litigators (from asbestos), and the like all mixed into one (funny how we have so many names for one profession in this country). They are simply in it for the money, and my fear is that as they make more and more of it off of their scams, they will provide further “newsletters” or “news bulletins” much like the way every city’s personal injury lawyers have done. As their practice has become more and more profitable through advertising, what do they do, put more of the filth on the airwaves. So as your nest egg grows with the rise in the price of uranium stocks, be ever more careful with where you get your information and remember to always perform due diligence of your own before investing in a great idea.

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